How To Get Customers Hooked On Custom Vape Packaging

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Do you want to know how to entice new customers who are looking for vape products? One sure short way is with custom packaging. Custom vape boxes can help your products stand out on the retail shelves and can make customers turn heads to explore what’s inside the attractive packaging that looks outstanding among all. There are many ways that you can customize your vape boxes so they will appeal to more people. 

Vapes are a popular product nowadays and are an excellent way to get your nicotine fix without all of the harmful chemicals that traditional cigarettes have. When you vape, you are actually vaporizing a liquid form of nicotine or cannabis that is released into the air through a battery-operated device with an atomizer. Vapes come in many styles, shapes, and sizes and are usually made of glass, but there’s one thing they all have in common: they’re packaged inside some kind of box! This box is one thing that the customers notice at first glance, and thus, it has a major role to play in making or breaking your product sales. Therefore, you need to pay due attention to it as it is the first thing that builds the impression of your product and brand. So, what you should do to make your vapes stand out in the crowd of competitor products is customize your vape packaging solutions!

How To Go About Customizing Vape Boxes

To customize the vape boxes, one of the first things you need to consider is to decide what type of vapes you’ll be selling and how they should be packaged in boxes. Choosing a packaging material is one of the primary concerns here, as your vape boxes’ whole design and practicality depend on it.  You may also want to think about whether or not the box should have a window on one side, where customers can see their product before deciding whether or not they want it. This is especially helpful if your products come in different colors because then each customer will be able to pick which color they prefer without having any surprises when they open up their package at home. Speaking of that, you need to decide on a color theme for your custom cannabis boxes as well so that they can represent your brand effectively and facilitate brand recognition and recall. 

Here Is How You Can Customize Your Vape Packaging To Attract Customers And Make Your Product Stand Out: 

Vapes are a popular trend in the smoking industry, with many people going away from traditional cigarettes for this healthier option. With so many different options available, it can be hard to choose one that suits you best! That’s where customizing your vape packaging comes in handy – by selecting colors and designs specifically suited to your brand, customers will be able to pick out their favorite design right off the shelf without needing any help. 

Pay Attention While Choosing A Packaging Material For Vape Boxes

When you go for customizing your vape packaging, first of all, you need to pick a packaging material that best suits your product and branding needs. Also, you need to consider the nature of your product along with its shape, size, and weight. Furthermore, you must think of the branding design and color schemes you need to apply. Like what logos you want to print on your vape boxes, the brand theme you will follow, or the attractive images you want for display. These are important because the packaging material is going to be the substrate for all these customizations. Therefore, the final look depends on it, and you need to make sure it works as a perfect vape packaging solution. 

So here are the most popular packaging materials that you may consider to craft your vape boxes:

  • Rigid packaging material: in case you need premium quality packaging that is stackable, smooth, and the sturdiest.
  • Corrugated packaging material: when your products need shipping and storage, corrugated boxes are the way to go. These are sturdy, lightweight, and foldable. 
  • Cardstock packaging material: when your products don’t need shipping, and you want them to look spectacular while being displayed on the retail shelf, you need cardstock material that is highly customizable and lightweight. 
  • Kraft packaging material: another highly customizable option that is lightweight as well. Not just this, what gives it an edge over others is, it is 100% recyclable material hence is eco-friendly and promotes your brand with a positive social impact. 

So, when picking a packaging material, you can choose from the materials mentioned above that best suit your products and brand’s requirements. 

Create Brand Specific Designs By Using Amazing Customization Options

Create brand-specific designs that help promote your brand and make customers notice them. You can do this by utilizing printing techniques and color models that can create spectacular designs that customers cannot miss. 

Printing Techniques

With the help of popular printing techniques in the packaging industry, you can create designs and print images that can adorn your product packaging and make it look exclusive. For high-resolution images, you can go for offset printing that undergoes an extensive initial setup for the preparation of design plates. It takes time, but the image quality is incomparable. 

On the other hand, a digital printing technique uses an ink jet printer and a computer to transfer a digitized image to the packaging material. It is a speedy process and is easy to incorporate design changes with. 

Color Models

To enhance your print design, make use of color models. They will make the details pop and look enticing to the customers. 


Furthermore, you have the option to give textural and visual effects to your logos and print designs by using additional features like embossing, debossing, hot stamping and spot uv treatment, etc. Also, you can highlight your product by applying window patching to let customers see it while the packaging stays intact. 

Make Your Vape Packaging Look Lit And Captivate Customers With Appealing Features

Vapes are a popular product and are used by many people as a safer means of smoking. With these being popular, there is a major competition going on in the market between different brands. So, here is why you should go for customized vape packaging solutions, as they can make your products look a class apart and make customers notice your product and buy it is impressed by its alluring appearance. Picking a packaging material is a crucial step in customizing the packaging as the final look and practicality of the design depend on it. Also, the printing techniques, color models, and add-ons can highlight your brand and product and make customers recall and recognize your brand and amazing products. So craft custom vape boxes that can help boost your sales. 


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