Packaging For CBD Bath Salts: The Importance Of Using The Right Packaging Material For CBD Bath Salt Boxes

CBD bath salts

Packaging for bath salt wholesale has taken many forms. Packaging is important for any product. Packaging serves many purposes; it acts as a protector of the inside components, protects the consumer from using damaged products, and finally, packaging catches the customer’s interest and helps identify it among other similar products.

Many packaging materials can help you make exceptional packaging for bath salts. The various packaging materials have different properties. These properties can help you make custom CBD bath salt packaging. 

This blog will cover various packaging materials, ranging from corrugated cardboard, cardstock, rigid paperboard, and eco-friendly Kraft material. 

Let’s dive into the details.

Corrugated Cardboard Material For CBD Bath Salt Boxes

Corrugated cardboard material is made of 3 layers; two thin layers sandwiched between a thick middle layer. The middle layer is further divided into three sections; flute, medium, and liner. 

The thin inner layers are made of recycled paper pulp (most commonly). They act as the glue that holds together all three layers. The middle section, also called the ‘flute,’ is mostly air and acts as cushioning to protect the product inside. Finally, a thin outer liner at the top and bottom protects against water damage to the product inside.

For making CBD bath salt boxes, corrugated cardboard can be used in 2 forms, either flat or with pleats on the sides, so it can expand when filled with product.

Cardstock Material For CBD Bath Salt Boxes

Cardstock is similar to paper but has a thicker and durable quality when compared to regular paper. Cardboard can be used in many ways; one way is to make corrugated cardboard material for making cannabis packagings like boxes and jars. The other way it can be used is as a base or interior layer of the box, which provides strength and protection against damage from the outside. 

CBD bath salts boxes made with card stock are very strong and sturdy, so they easily last over time without any damages. These boxes can also store many CBD bath salts without getting damaged, even if dropped on the floor or during shipping. 

One such example of these CBD bath salt boxes is the “Recess” box.

Rigid Paperboard Material For CBD Bath Salt Boxes

Rigid paperboard is a strong board made from 100% recycled fiber. These boards have very high tensile strength and can be used as a substitute for hard plastics to make eco-friendly products. 

One such example of rigid paperboard material is the ‘File Tabs’ box. This particular box can hold up to 40g of CBD bath salts or products that fit inside the 48x38mm product dimensions. This sturdy design makes it perfect for shipping and storage purposes since these boxes are stackable and easy to store after use.

Kraft Material For CBD Bath Salt Packaging

Kraft cardboard, also called unbleached kraft board, is made from 100% recycled paper. These boards are darker in color compared to regular cardstock or corrugated cardboard. 

These boxes can be customized with custom printing on the exterior surface along with the inside flaps making it even more personalized for your products. This box provides strength and keeps the product safe from damage due to moisture or condensation during the shipping process.

This particular box is called “Mixer.” It is manufactured using Kraft material which prevents any possibility of moisture contraction, giving you a quality CBD bath salt packaging solution.

Now that we have looked at the various packaigng materials let’s look at the benefits of making custom CBD bath salts packaging. 

Benefits Of Custom CBD Bath Salt Packaging

There are many benefits of customizing packaging for bath salt for wholesale and retail. Let’s look at some of those benefits.

– Provides Branding Solution 

Custom packaging provides an excellent way to promote your brand. When you’re making bath salt, it’s important that people know who makes them and where to buy them. With custom CBD bath salt boxes, each product is unique in its own way. That helps consumers remember the product specifically instead of just ‘some bath salts. Uniqueness also results in higher sales for small businesses since these products are not easily available in the market.

– Keeps Consumer Engaged For Longer Duration

Taking a nice warm bath is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Bath salt reduces stress, provides relief from muscle aches, improves sleep quality, and has many other benefits. It’s very important that customers back after buying your products once or twice. If the packaging is attractive enough, it helps them to recall your brand, and they are more likely to buy products from you again.

– Highlight Different Variants Of CBD Bath Salts

Customers always appreciate something new which is unique. That’s why custom labeling is popular with grocery stores that introduce seasonal products frequently. With custom CBD bath salt box labels, customers can easily recognize each product by looking at the label, making buying decisions easier for them than having all products on a shelf.

– Maintain Consistency Among Different Variants

Customized packaging also helps maintain consistency across various products, even if different manufacturers or companies make them. Bath salts are available in multiple flavors. Some are infused with activated charcoal. Some have essential oils, and some are cherry flavored, and so on. With custom CBD bath salts boxes, each product variant is different, which helps customers easily differentiate the variants.

– Provides Value For Your Money

Customers are very specific about the type of packaging they like. Generic-looking packaging makes them feel like they are getting an ordinary product. Still, when you offer something special with a unique design or branding solution, they appreciate it better since it reflects in their decision-making process. 

Another benefit of creating custom CBD bath salt packages is that you can create more than one variant at a time, which means you’re saving time by not having to do additional work for each box separately.

Go CBD Packaging creates one of the best custom CBD bath salt boxes. We use high-quality materials and start by making a sample that ensures the best possible fit and finishes. We offer free shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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