Pre-Roll Packaging

What Is Pre-Roll Packaging?

Pre-roll products stand for the items that are rolled before being packaged. They contain a variety of products that range from cigarettes and joints. Pre-rolled products are fragile, and their packaging must cater to this shortcoming. Furthermore, pre-roll packaging should be attractive enough that it lures customers and enhances your brand value.

Our pre-roll packaging category includes two packaging options, which are mentioned below.

  • Pre-rolled boxes
  • Pre-roll joint boxes

Packaging Materials Used In Pre-Roll Packaging

We offer packaging materials that provide a wide range of characteristics. Hence, they serve a multitude of purposes. Moreover, they incorporate exceptional quality printed artwork and text. The packaging materials we offer are described below.

  • Corrugated
  • Kraft
  • Rigid
  • Cardstock

Corrugated Material

These materials are the most robust material on offer among our options. This strength is due to the cellulose flutes that reside in between the sheets. Their ease of handling allows them to create packages for international shipping while housing smaller retail boxes.

Kraft Material

These are made from wood chips, which makes them our eco-friendly option. Kraft materials are lightweight, very easy to shape, and offer significant strength. They are a prime candidate if you want to market your brand as being environmentally responsible.

Rigid Material

Rigid materials offer good strength that allows them to be shipped long distances. They can also be considered for international shipping. Their hand feel is unmatched, and this material makes any print quality looks extravagant.

Cardstock Material

Cardstock materials are a lightweight option. They are not particularly strong and require another box if you want to ship them long distances or internationally. However, their impressive print quality allows them to stand out on retail shelves.

Are you interested in finding out which packaging materials can serve your brand? Get in touch with your team of professionals.

Printing Techniques Used In Pre-Roll Packaging

Printing techniques help you impart vital information and decorate your otherwise bland packaging with impressive artwork. For example, a cannabis pre-roll packaging looks much more inviting if printed with related artwork and labels informing the customer about the inclusion of cannabis in the product.

Keeping the importance of printing techniques in mind, we offer state of the art printing options that help elevate your brand

  • Offset Printing
  • Digital Printing

Offset Printing

Offset, also known as lithography, is the printing technique you should consider if you require a high-volume order with the best quality. The extensive setup requires time and capital, and making design changes on the printing plate is a tedious task.

Digital Printing

Digital printing offers different characteristics as compared to the ‘offset’ method. The print quality of digital printing is good but not up to the standard of the ‘offset’ method. However, quick turnaround times are possible due to the lack of extensive setup. Furthermore, design changes are easy to make, also, digital printing is cost-effective for low-volume orders.

Color Models To Embellish Pre-Roll Packaging

Our color models authentically capture your brand colors and reproduce them accurately. Our options allow you to produce shades that are vibrant and enchanting.

We offer two options, which are:

  • CMYK Color Model
  • PMS Color Model

CMYK Color Model

This color model uses four shades (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) against a white background to produce your required shade. Since four colors are used, this model is effective in designs that require many colors, like that seen on cannabis pre-roll packaging.

PMS Color Model

The abbreviated version for Pantone Matching System, PMS, is for accurate reproduction of color. Unique identification numbers assigned to each shade are helpful for printers when producing a color.

Do you want to find out how our printing techniques and color models can help enhance your brand? Contact our team of experts, who will guide you accordingly.

Customizations For Pre-Roll Packaging

We offer customizations that help you add a personal flair to your boxes. Our customization options are broken down into two categories; please have a look below.

  • Enticing add-ons
  • Fantastic finishing coats

Enticing Add-Ons Used In Pre-Roll Packaging

Window patching

Imagine your customers can view the freshness of your joints through your pre-roll joint packaging. Window patching allows this by cutting out a part of the packaging and replacing it with a thin transparent sheet.

Spot UV

Seal in the colors of the hemp plant printed on your cannabis pre-roll packaging. Spot UV cures a part of the packaging, to produce a raised, smooth texture.


This technique allows you to stamp your packaging with your brand logo or slogan. We use two dyes to compress the packaging producing a raised (emboss) or indented (deboss) texture.

Hot Stamping/ Foiling

Attach a thin film of foil, using heat and pressure, and make it exhibit a matte, glossy, or holographic effect: highlight letters and artwork edges with this technique.

Fantastic Finishing Coats For Pre-Roll Packaging

Finishing coats help you envelop the entire box in an attractive coating. The options we offer are as follows:

  • Matte Finish
  • Glossy Finish
  • Varnish Finish
  • Soft-Touch Finish

Prototyping Options For Your Pre-Roll Packaging

We offer prototyping options that help you see your finalized design before ordering in bulk. Our options allow you to see the printed artwork, the fitting, and the folding of the box. Please have a look below to view our options.

  • 2D flat view
  • 3D folding video
  • Physical Sampling

Let’s Design Creative Pre-Roll Packaging

At CBD Packaging Solution, we offer you a host of options in designing exclusive packaging for each of your products. A unique box helps your brand stand out. We impart quality in each one of our processes, which translates to a truly exceptional packaging solution.

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