Cannabis flower boxes

Do you lack packaging solutions that can cater for out of box designs? Are you interested in keeping your cannabis flowers fresh as they go through shipping and retail? At Go CBD Packaging, we cater to your requirements and more.

Our stellar printing techniques, color models, and packaging materials help you create the perfect packaging base. Adorn your designs with our customizations and use our prototyping options to create a host of forms. Let us convert the market with unique cannabis flower packaging that stands out while keeping your cannabis flowers safe; contact us now.



What Are Cannabis Flower Boxes?

Cannabis flowers are a dried cannabis product. Packaging that houses these products is called cannabis flower boxes. This packaging has to safeguard the flowers against moisture and other environmental elements. However, it must also entice customers with artwork and customizations.

Printing Techniques To Make Cannabis Flower Boxes Look Attractive

At Go CBD Packaging, we use the latest printing techniques to ensure your intricate designs look excellent on the floral boxes. Our printing techniques cater to different needs, and we have described the options below.

  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing

Digital Printing

Digital printing has a low turnaround time due to ease of setup. Furthermore, the print quality is good, and making design changes on the go is a breeze. Moreover, the initial cost is low. Since the initial setup isn’t a burden on your pocket, we recommend this technique for low-volume orders. 

Offset Printing

The offset printing technique offers the best quality print available at the cost of high turnaround time. This printing process takes time and money to set up initially; thus, it is considered worthwhile for large volume orders. Furthermore, making design changes is not recommended.

Color Models To Represent Your Brand On Cannabis Flower Boxes

We identify cannabis flower packaging as a potential marketing tool. We encourage our clients to adopt that perspective using our color models. They help you showcase your brand color accurately and vibrantly. Please read further to have a better understanding.

  • PMS Color Model
  • CMYK Color Model

PMS Color Model

Pantone Matching System has over 1800 colors. These shades are distinguishable by their unique identification number. Due to this distinction, printers can quickly produce your required color. PMS is the cost-effective option when your design requires a low number of colors to be printed.

CMYK Color Model

We mix cyan, magenta, yellow, and black with pure white. This model produces an intense color. The lack of standard color mixing formulas makes color reproduction dependent on the printer. This technique is proper when your design requires several different shades.

Get in touch with our printing team to share your requirements, and they will guide you accordingly.

Robust Packaging Materials Used In Cannabis Flower Boxes

We pride ourselves on offering packaging that keeps your fragile cannabis flowers safe and secure. Our material options open avenues into shipping and retail. Furthermore, they prove to be an impressive substrate for the printing techniques mentioned above. Please read on.

  • Cardstock Material
  • Rigid Material
  • Kraft Material
  • Corrugated Material

Cardstock Material

Our cardstock materials are lightweight and perfect for making cannabis flower packaging for retail. This material has an impressive print quality which helps create eye-catching cannabis flower boxes.

Rigid Material

The rigid material is one of our most premium options. It has incredible strength and can be used for long-distance and even international shipping. Furthermore, its surface offers exceptional print quality.

Kraft Material

Would you like to have environmentally friendly packaging? If yes, then choose the lightweight, moisture-resistant Kraft material. The natural brown look of Kraft offers a neutral background for printing colors that helps you represent your artwork attractively.

Corrugated Material

This material is our most durable option. Due to its toughness and ease of handling, corrugated materials are widely used for international shipping and storing smaller retail boxes.

Would you like to learn more about our packaging materials? Please connect with our team, who are willing to cater to your requirements.

Fashionable Customization Options For Cannabis Flower Boxes

We offer customizations that ensure your packages can stand out. We have split these customizations into two categories, as shown below.

  • Supreme Add-ons
  • Grand Finishing coats

Supreme Add-Ons For Cannabis Flower Boxes

Add-ons are additions made on the packaging. They are localized to a part of the package and helps create a unique point of focus for your customers. We have mentioned them below.

  • Spot UV
  • Hot Stamping
  • Window Patching
  • Emboss/Deboss

Spot UV

We seal in the printed colors while raising the texture and transforming the package to look crisp and clean. We use ultra-violet light to achieve these effects.

Hot Stamping

Also known as foiling, we highlight the edges and letters by attaching a thin, metallic foil. Furthermore, this foil can be modified to produce a matte, gloss, or holographic effect.

Window Patching

This add-on lets your customers see the freshness of the cannabis flowers without opening the packaging. We achieve this by cutting a part of the package and replacing it with a thin transparent plastic sheet.


This add-on is used to raise (emboss) or indent (deboss) part of the box with your desired artwork or text. Thus, we suggest this customization option with thicker packaging material. However, it looks equally as alluring on thin materials.

Grand Finishing Coats For Cannabis Flower Boxes

Finishing coats add another layer of personal style to your packaging. Furthermore, it differs from add-ons by covering the entire box. Please have a look below to understand the effect of our finishing coats.

  • Matte Finish
  • Gloss Finish
  • Varnish Finish
  • Soft-Touch Finish

Matte Finish

This coating lowers the brightness of printed colors and light reflections.

Gloss Finish

The gloss finishing coat increases the brightness of printed colors and light reflections coming off the package.

Varnish Finish

This finishing coat has a stimulating effect best described as between the ‘matte’ and ‘gloss’ finish.

Soft-Touch Finish

This finishing coat helps you increase the spongy-ness of the exterior of your packaging. It gives the outermost layer a smooth and gentle tactile feel.

Contact our designing team to figure out which customizations best represent your brand.

Effective Prototyping Options For Cannabis Flower Boxes

Our prototyping options help you check for any mistakes in your designs. You can choose features that appeal to you and change your cannabis floral boxes’ shape and size before committing to a bulk order. We have listed our options below.

  • Flat View
  • Mock-Up Video
  • Physical Sample

Let’s Design Superior Cannabis Flower Boxes!

At Go CBD Packaging, we open our doors for out-of-the-box designs meant to capture the customers’ attention. We offer printing techniques, color models, and packaging materials that help you materialize these designs. Furthermore, our customization options add an exclusive flair, and you can create unique designs for your entire catalog. Use our prototyping options to check for any mistakes in the final design.


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