CBD Beard Oil Boxes

Are you searching for packaging that complements your CBD beard oils? Are you interested in elevating your brand through your packaging? Would you like a beard oil packaging that offers customization options to cater to your CBD beard oils catalog? If yes, then Go CBD Packaging has the answer for you.

Our CBD beard oil boxes use superior packaging materials, printing techniques, and color models to lift your brand. Our customizations, coupled with prototyping options, help you create many exclusive designs for a series of products.

Contact now; amaze your customers with our custom CBD beard oil boxes.   



What Are CBD Beard Oil Boxes?

Men grooming products are slowly but surely making their mark in the industry. CBD beard oils are seen as the hair nourishing and repairing products that are quickly taking over. Apart from being a unique item, it also makes for an attractive gift.

We keep these aspects in mind at Go CBD Packaging when designing our custom CBD beard oil boxes. Our designing process and customization options allow our packaging to cater to a host of requirements.

Superb Packaging Materials for Your CBD Beard Oil Boxes

We use stellar packaging materials that not only keep your CBD beard oil boxes secure and safe but also provide a base. That is where we add your brand artwork and logo. Some of our popular options are listed below; you will find that each material has its uses. 

Cardstock Material

It is the go-to retail packaging material. It offers a smooth surface that is perfect for reflecting your colorful artwork. Its lightweight nature allows its transportation in bulk while maintaining low shipping costs.

Corrugated Material

It consists of a fluted structure in between sheets. This structure gives immense material strength, and hence, it can house smaller retail boxes efficiently. Furthermore, their ease of handling makes them an ideal candidate for the bulk shipping of CBD beard oil boxes.

Rigid Material

We suggest using rigid materials when you want your product to stand out from ordinary retail boxes. Because the premium feel of a rigid box is matched only by its impressive strength to withstand bending. Capable of making attractive gift boxes, rigid materials increase your CBD beard oils’ perceived value and lift them to another level.

Kraft Material

It is used when our clients want to display environmental responsibility in their packaging. These materials consist of 100 % recyclable wood chips. Hence, Kraft materials are lightweight and easy to shape. Their natural brown color makes them feel grounded.

Unsure about which packaging material best fulfills your requirements. Contact our team for tailored guidance.

Sublime Printing Techniques for CBD Beard Oil Boxes

We understand the importance of brand marketing. Our printing techniques are responsible for transforming your CBD beard oil packaging into an effective marketing tool. Below is the description of popular printing methods that we use:.

Digital Printing

Our digital printing technique is recommended if you are looking to remain cost-effective while ordering low-volume orders. No printing plates are required, and the process is straightforward; hence, the turnaround times are fast. However, the print quality is not up to par when compared to the offset method.

Offset Printing

The offset method produces the highest quality print. With such high quality comes equivalent input in time and money due to creating a printing plate design. This technique is not suited for low volume orders; however, it performs remarkably with high volumes. 

Beautiful Color Models That Lift Your CBD Beard Oil Boxes

The color models accompanying our printing techniques are standard and popular all over the world. Of the many options available, we use the two which add the most value to your printed oil boxes. 

CMYK Color Model

CMYK is the color model used when you want the most emotional effect out of your colors. A combination of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black makes an intense shade capable of gluing your customers’ eyes. 

PMS Color Model

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) lacks this vibrancy and replaces it with color accuracy. This system identifies colors using unique identification numbers. This unique identification helps reproduce the same shade over several jobs and printers.

Not sure what combination of a color model and printing technique suits you, talk with our representative and learn more about them.

Inspiring Customizations To Keep Your CBD Beard Oil Boxes Fresh

Our customizations help you add another dimension to your packaging, creating a special CBD beard oil box for your unique product.

Up-Lifting Add-Ons For Your CBD Beard Oil Boxes

Add-ons are additions to the package that provide a textural change and some functional qualities. Below you can find the widely used options.

Spot UV

Make your custom CBD beard oil boxes look crisp and sharp with this add-on. Seal in the colors and protect them from environmental harm using ultra-violet light.

Window Patching

Create a window for your customers to peek inside the box. Let the product become visible, entice and endear your customers.


Stamp your brand logo or slogan with authority. Raise or indent the image and give your customers a unique point of focus.

Hot Stamping/ Foiling

Highlight letters in a thin foil film. With finishing such as matte, glossy, or holographic, ensure your custom CBD beard oil packaging stands out.

Magnificent Finishing Coats Used In Your CBD Beard Oil Boxes

We offer finishing coats that, much like our add-ons, provide a textural change. The key difference being that we apply finishing coat all over the package.

We have listed four of our popular options below for you to consider.

  • Matte Finish– A functional coating for quieting down the light reflection on your package.
  • Glossy Finish – Increases the light reflections and makes the package look shiny.
  • Varnish Finish – A finish that can be described as being between ‘matte’ and ‘glossy.’
  • Soft-Touch Finish – Provides a gentle tactile feel to the beholder.

Contact our team of professionals; they will offer a combination of customizations that will help you design exclusive custom CBD beard oil boxes.

Excellent Prototyping Options To Help You Design CBD Beard Oil Boxes

Our prototyping options help our clients experiment with the many different customization options mentioned above. We offer an array of options for you to view your finalized design before ordering in bulk. These include:

2D – A flat die card with your printed artwork and scoring lines.

3D – A video that shows the box folded along its scoring lines.

Physical Sampling – When you want to interact with your designed box in a physical space, use this option.

Let’s Manufacture Stunning CBD Beard Oil Boxes

At Go CBD Packaging, we understand the importance of catering your products to the market. So, why shall your packaging then be any different? Our packaging materials ensure custom CBD packaging beard oil safety while offering a substrate for our printing techniques and color models to lift your brand. Our customization options add a unique touch and our prototyping options give you the ease of mind while designing. 


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