Custom Printed CBD Chocolate Boxes

Your CBD chocolate business needs packaging that protects your products from external damage and keeps it safe while retaining the best form and taste. Chocolates being delicate items, need to be correctly packed so they do not get de-shaped or scraped off. We provide you custom CBD chocolate boxes that can be tailored according to the product’s shape and size to best fit inside it.

We have options to choose from packaging materials, printing techniques, and color models to give your product a spectacular look. To enhance the appearance of your chocolate boxes, we have amazing add-ons and finishing coat choices. To get your custom chocolate boxes ready, just call us!



What Are CBD Chocolate Boxes?

We offer to make custom CBD chocolate boxes for your business that are pretty to look at and reliable for protecting the product inside. With our fantastic customization options, we can add the right amount of bling to it. We understand the different requirements depending on the product’s shape and size. So, the boxes we make can preserve, protect, and present the products effectively. To get the customers’ attention, your CBD chocolate packaging will look attractive and depict a brand image that makes a difference for the users.

Packaging Materials for CBD Chocolates

Packaging material makes a difference in CBD chocolate, and it must have a fine finish and strength to cater to the needs of the products inside. 

Rigid Material

If you need packaging that will keep the CBD chocolate safe, we can provide you with rigid packaging to keep your products in good shape and form. Rigid packaging is a premium one with a hard and dense structure. Also, it is resistant to vibration, pressure, and moisture. It is expensive because of its high quality, but it works as an investment as it adds value to the product.

Corrugated Material

Corrugated packaging is lightweight, stiff, and protective. It will be suitable for storage and transport as well. It is made of cellulose fiber and has flutes made between the layers, which helps keep your products in place and protected. Yet, the cost of corrugated material is low and is 100% recyclable, making it economically and environmentally feasible.

Cardboard Material

It can support various printing techniques and add-ons; so, adding bling to your CBD chocolate box will not be a problem. Cardboard chocolate boxes are trendy in retail packaging and cover a wide range of products. Also, it helps protective coatings against heat, moisture, and electric current to keep the products inside safe from external factors. These are durable and cost-effective and very versatile as well.

Kraft Material

Kraft retail boxes are very popular and made from recyclable material. You can quickly get customized shapes, sizes, and printing in Kraft packaging. If you have a tight budget for packaging, Kraft is the solution to it. You can use Kraft for an over-the-counter display of your CBD chocolate products as well. 

Printing Techniques for CBD Chocolate Boxes

Packaging may range from simple to complex designs. Our different printing techniques will provide you with choices to have a unique printing design for your clients. Following are the options you can apply:

Digital Printing 

This is the most versatile option in printing covering a wide range of images, logos, and graphics. You can use it with all kinds of packaging materials that we offer. Also, it produces attractive images of high quality. Moreover, it is less time-consuming and very cost-effective, so you can get a range of CBD chocolate boxes prepared very conveniently whether your order is small or large scale.

Lithography Printing

High resolution, detailed images are the specialty of lithography. Firstly, Your selected image is printed on a sheet and then this picture is transferred and pasted on the packaging material. This technique is very suitable for bulk orders as it is cost-effective. Although, it is considered expensive in the case of small-scale orders as the tooling and working costs are high. 

Captivating Color Models For CBD Chocolate Boxes

Moving forward with our color models, there are two that we offer in CBD chocolate packaging. These two cover a wide range of hues and applications depending on your requirements of design and material.

PMS Color Model

Suppose you want consistency for your brand image by maintaining and representing it with a consistent logo. In that case, Pantone Matching System is for you as it has a universal color palette known worldwide. PMS will maintain your specific logo and its shades accurately without a difference between virtual and physical design. Although it is relatively expensive, the accuracy it keeps is essential for brands and logos.

CMYK Color Model

If your CBD chocolate packaging needs color gradients while accurate shading is unnecessary, you can go for CMYK, a subtractive color model. CMYK is compatible with lithography and digital printing. It is relatively cost-effective and suitable where the brand image or specific shading is not an issue.

Delightful Add-ons for CBD Chocolate Packaging

We have several creative add-ons that can bring life to your CBD chocolate boxes, and customers would love to have the customized features making them look unique and special.  Here are the add-ons you can choose from:

Window patching

How do you showcase your CBD chocolate products that must reflect delight and generate appetite? And still, keep them safe and untouched? Well, window patching is the answer to make customers look through the packing and know what it contains without opening the box. 


To give your CBD chocolate box an extra spark in the form of greetings, designs, or quotes, have stamping/foiling done on it. Also, make a name in the market where your CBD chocolate package is displayed looking extremely amusing. Customers opt for the products that are highlighted with such add-ons, and we provide you with these in the best quality. 

Spot UV

Do you want your CBD chocolate box to look vibrant? Do you want customers to walk straight to your design and ignore all others? Then spot UV can give that edge to your CBD chocolate boxes with its attractive sight. You can have logos, quotes, designs made on your CBD chocolate boxes that will market themselves and attract buyers.

Emboss / Deboss

We have embossing and debossing to give a high-end look to your CBD chocolate packaging. Furthermore, to make it stand out with an extra layer of depth or raise it visually as well as physically. You can get logos, images, watermarks, etc., for luxury packaging. It adds stylishness and class to minimalistic designs that turn heads. These add-ons give a moving feel to customers who look at it and instantly find what they are looking for. 

Prototyping for Customer Satisfaction

When you have decided on a design for your CBD chocolate box, we will provide you with a prototype to assess the design’s structural integrity and final look. We make virtual as well as physical prototypes. `

Virtual Prototypes

In the virtual form, we offer:

  • 2D Sample
  • 3D Sample

Physical Prototype

  • It is the unit of the actual design

Order Your Chocolate Boxes Now

Go CBD Packaging makes CBD chocolate boxes that suit you and your clientele’s requirements. Our custom-made packaging will market for itself and build brand image by improving customer experience, making them choose your boxes over all others available in the market. With custom add-ons, you can get quotations, visual effects, and branding done that customers would love. So, we have got you covered for CBD chocolate boxes for any occasion. To proceed, contact us.


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