Custom CBD Tincture boxes

Do you need effective packaging for your CBD tinctures that keeps them safe from damage and attractively exhibits them? If so, Go CBD Packaging has got you covered with its attractive packaging that is protective as well. We make CBD tincture boxes that will enhance the brand value and make your product stand out in a crowd. 

We provide you the liberty to pick from a wide range of options in packaging materials, printing techniques, color models, and finishing coats. You can also use add-ons that you can get in combinations or separately. Just give us a call to get your CBD tincture boxes prepared. 



What are CBD Tincture Boxes?

CBD tinctures are a popular product used for physical and mental health benefits. To make customers opt for your CBD tincture boxes, you need to present it in a manner that is more appealing as compared to competitive products. 

Go CBD Packaging makes sure your product looks unique and attractive on a retail shelf and makes customers explore it with excitement and curiosity. We offer you numerous options to choose from to get highly attractive packaging for your product. 

Packaging Materials for CBD Tinctures

You can choose a packaging material that best suits your needs based on the structure, strength, and density required. Following are the options you can choose from: 

Corrugated Material

If you need lightweight, stiff, and protective packaging, you can go for corrugated material. Corrugated packaging is widely used for storage and transport of products. It keeps your products in place and protected. As It is made of cellulose fiber and has flutes made between the layers. 

Rigid Material

Do you need packaging that will keep your delicate goods safe? Are your products high-end that need packaging to complements their image? Rigid packaging is a premium one with a hard and dense structure and is resistant to vibration, pressure, and moisture. Its high quality is expensive, but it works as an investment as it adds value to the product.

Kraft Material

Kraft retail boxes are very popular and made from recyclable material. You can quickly get customized sizes, shapes, and printing in Kraft packaging. If you are on a low budget for packaging, Kraft will solve that problem. Kraft can be used for an over-the-counter exhibition of your products as well.  

Cardboard Material

If you need durable and cost-effective packaging for your products that is versatile and customizable, then cardboard is your answer. This cardboard is very popular in retail packaging and can cater to your CBD tincture packaging needs. Cardboard can support various printing techniques and add-ons; hence adding bling to your brand will not be a problem. 

Printing Techniques to Adorn CBD Tincture Boxes

Here are the printing techniques that we offer to cater to your product and marketing needs. These cover all the features of your retail packaging.  

Lithography Printing

If your product packaging needs high resolution, detailed images, we would suggest you lithography. It is done by printing an image on a plate made of rubber and then printing it on the box. Therefore, If your order is in bulk and you need images with more than four colors, lithography is your go-to option. But if you have a small-scale order, don’t go for it as it will be expensive due to operational costs incurred. 

Digital Printing

Our most popular and versatile digital printing can cost-effectively cater to all your needs. Whether your order is large or small. If you need to get it done quickly, you will get a high-quality print applicable to all the above-mentioned packaging materials. We will very conveniently design and prepare your product packaging for you. Digital printing covers high-quality images, graphics, and logos for your brand-specific design.

Vibrant Color Models for CBD Tincture Packaging

Coming to the color models, there are two that we offer in CBD tinctures packaging:

CMYK Color Model

If your CBD tincture packaging does not require accurate shading, instead needs color gradients, then you can go for CMYK. As it is a subtractive color model based on blends of four chief colors, i.e., Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. Also, it is relatively cost-effective.

PMS Color Model

Suppose you want consistency for your brand image to maintain and represent it with a consistent logo. In that case, Pantone Matching System is for you as it has a universal color palette of over 1400 shades and is known worldwide. PMS will maintain your specific logo and its shades accurately without a difference. 

Add-ons For Exclusive Custom CBD Tincture Boxes

Your product packaging can have the right amount of bling with our creative add-ons. These add-ons are used in custom packaging to make a statement in the retail world. Hence, make your products stand out with their distinct packaging. Our add-ons include:

  • Emboss / Deboss
  • Window Patching
  • Spot UV
  • Foiling

Prototyping Options For CBD Tincture Packaging

Once we shortlist CBD tinctures packaging specifications, we can provide you with a prototype to judge the design’s physical integrity and look. You can avail three kinds of prototypes:

  • 2D Prototype
  • 3D Prototype
  • Physical Prototype

Let’s Start With Your CBD Tinctures Custom Packaging!

With all our customization options for retail packaging, we help you create a distinct packaging for your product. In order to protect, preserve and present your CBD tinctures in a manner that will grab customer’s attention and make your product stand out. 

We provide you the custom packaging that speaks for itself and makes your brand look a class apart amidst all others. Our packaging will improve customers’ experience and add value to your product. Thus, stimulating a better market response. 


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