Dank Vape Packaging

Is your product suffering the strains of shipping? Do your customers crave colorful branding? Are you missing out on marketing avenues? At Go CBD Packaging, we produce dank vape packaging that ensures to tackle these problems and more.

Our dank vape packaging stands out due to several customization options. Our printing techniques and color model are the perfect tools to make your brand shine. We use supreme packaging materials and excellent prototyping options that give you peace of mind. 

Stop waiting. Reach out today and get a custom dank vape packaging that boosts your sales.



What Is Dank Vape Packaging?

Vaping is a recreational activity used by teenagers and adults alike. The introduction of additional compounds has seen its market evolve and grow. Dank vapes are vapes that contain THC. They are all the rave and require dank vape packaging that can cater to the masses.

At Go CBD Packaging, we produce custom dank vape packaging for wholesale and retail purposes. New dank vape packaging products are flooding the market. We set ours apart by the quality of our product and the quantity of the customizations we offer.

Customizations For Dank Vape Packaging

We offer customization options that are out of this world. They lift your brand and product, transforming them into efficient marketing tools. We have separated our customizations into two categories; please find them below

Add-Ons To Stylize Dank Vape Packaging

Additions to your finished package, add-ons are perfect for providing a textural change to a specific part of your box. We have listed some of our most fashionable options below.

Window patching

We procure a window in the packaging using a die-cut and cover it with a plastic sheet. This sheet provides your customers a view inside the box without having to open the packaging.

Emboss/ Deboss

Secure your brand image or text on your package by raising or denting it. This technique helps give your customers a unique point of focus.

Spot UV

If you are interested in making your package safe from environmental damage and sealing a specific part’s colors, use Spot UV. 

Hot Stamping/ Foiling

Use heat and pressure to highlight edges and lettering. The available finishes (glossy, matte, holographic) help you solidify your style on the package.

Finishing Coats To Modify Your Dank Vape Packaging

Finishing coats are our second offering in our customizations. The difference between finishing coats and add-ons mentioned above is the coverage area. Finishing coats can be applied over the entire package.

Matte Finish

Use a matte finishing coat when you want your dank vape packages looking discrete, elegant, and hidden in plain sight.

Glossy Finish

Want your dank packaging to stand out among the multitude of competitors, enjoy the benefits of glossy finishing coats.

Varnish Finish

Not sure whether to stand out or remain elegant, who says you can’t have both? Use our varnish finishing coat and achieve the benefits of both.

Soft-Touch Finish

Would you like to accompany your sturdy packaging materials with the softest exterior coatings? If yes, use this coating option.

Unsure of which customization options best capture your brand’s image. Reach out to us; we will guide you as such.

Printing Techniques For Dank Vape Packaging

We offer printing techniques that don’t quickly wear out. They remain true to your brand and help you represent your artwork bound to captivate your customers. We have listed some of our available options below for your consideration.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is an outstanding option if you want cost-effective high-volume printing while producing a photo-quality image. However, you must be sure about your design, as incorporating changes can be troublesome. 

Digital Printing

Digital printing offers good quality printing on a budget. The quick turnaround times make it ideal for small volume orders. Furthermore, design alterations are easy to make.

Color Models To Make Dank Vape Packaging Vibrant

Color models define the way colors are produced. They can range from being vastly vibrant to staying true to your brand colors. A print is only as good as the colors on it, and our color models ensure your packaging is something to behold. We have listed two from our selection.

PMS Color Model

The Pantone Matching System offers more than 1800 shades. This number is increasing every year more colors are identified and assigned unique numbers. This classification makes it very easy for you to choose the color of your choice. Furthermore, you are able to reproduce this color with any printers.

CMYK Color Model

This model uses four colors to produce a vibrant final shade that evokes an emotional response from the customers. A combination of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black is used to create the final color. This technique is cost-effective when your brand artwork requires a large number of colors to complete.

Would you like a detailed explanation of which color models and printing techniques you should use to satisfy your needs? Contact our professionals here.

Packaging Materials Used To Create Sturdy Dank Vape Packaging

The quality of our packaging materials can only be outdone by the range of properties they provide. They can be used in various applications and are made to protect your exciting product while pulling in your customers. We have listed our most commonly sought-after packaging materials.

Cardstock Material

Our cardstock materials are perfect for making your print artwork and text take center stage. They are thin and lightweight materials, which means it is cost-effective to ship them. However, bear in mind that cardstock material is only suited for short-distance shipping. 

Corrugated Material

These materials contain fluted structures in between sheets. These structures are made from cellulose fibers and offer unmatched strength in the packaging sector. Corrugated materials make stellar housing for smaller retail boxes.

Rigid Material

Rigid boxes create packaging that enhances the perceived value of any product placed inside. Their tactile feel is amazingly smooth. Their inherent thickness makes them a stand-out candidate to make attractive gift boxes.

Kraft Material

The environmentally friendly kraft material comes from wood chip pulp. It is entirely biodegradable, and any brand that using these materials is viewed as having virtuous motives.

Connect with our team of experts, and they will help you decide upon the packaging material that will best serve you.

Prototyping options for Dank vape packaging

Our state-of-the-art prototyping options let you visualize your design. Any changes are welcome at this stage before bulk ordering. We have listed our prototyping options below. We offer:

  • 2D Sampling
  • 3D Sampling
  • Physical Sampling 

Let’s Manufacture Custom Dank Vape Packaging That Turns Your Customers’ Heads

Go CBD Packaging manufactures high-quality dank vape packaging that lasts. The variations in shape and size, coupled with the many customizations, color models, and printing techniques, let your product truly stand out. Feel the quality of our packaging materials via our impressive prototyping techniques.


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