Delta 8 Packaging

Delta-8 THC products are popular and widely used for their remedial and psychoactive properties. Many brands are selling these products in the market, and thus, there is high competition among them. We’re happy to announce that we now offer packaging solutions for Delta-8-THC products. This product needs delta 8 packaging that is more durable and can keep the contents safe and fresh. Therefore, we offer to manufacture custom delta boxes as per your brand and product requirements. 

It’s time to order your custom delta 8 packaging! Go CBD Packaging is a one-stop-shop for all your customized needs, from materials to printing techniques. There are options in colors and sizes to find the perfect fit for you! Get in touch with us and order the most reliable delta boxes for your products.




What Are Delta 8 Products?

Delta-8-THC is the major psychoactive ingredient in Cannabis, also called marijuana. It is believed to be an agonist, which means it can bind to receptors in the brain and other areas to cause a response. In animal studies, it has been found to be a strong anti-emetic. In fact, it is so effective that one study looked at using delta-8-THC instead of the commonly used Phenergan during cancer treatments.

Delta 8 packaging boxes are customized to your product and brand needs. Custom packaging solutions that will work for your company. There are options in materials, delta box styles, sizes and customization options. You can order a packaging box according to your brand and product specifications. Packaging Materials To Craft Customized Packaging Boxes For Delta 8 Products

There are different packaging materials for delta 8, which are listed below:

1) Kraft Paper Box

This is our most popular packaging material. It costs less, it looks good, and it protects the furniture from damages during transportation. The only disadvantage is that you can’t see what’s inside before opening it. The dimensions of this box are 30×30×50 cm (width x depth x height).

2) High-Quality Cardboard Box

This is slightly more expensive packaging material. It has a very smooth surface, looks stylish, and it’s safe during transportation. However, it’s not so good for users who need to see what’s inside before opening it because the cover of this box doesn’t close 100%. The dimensions of this box are 34×34×60 cm (width x depth x height).

3) Corrugated Box

This is an alternative for those who need to see what’s inside the packaging before opening it. This corrugated box has a flap, which can be opened and closed easily. It also protects products during transportation thanks to thick walls and strong cardboard material. The dimensions of this box are 30×30×52 cm (width x depth x height).

4) Rigid Box

This is the most expensive and sturdiest packaging material we offer. This box has a very smooth surface, and it protects products during transportation due to strong walls. It provides good protection during storage. However, it’s not so good because you can’t see what’s inside before opening it. The dimensions of this box are 34×34×56 cm (width x depth x height).

The products inside each type of packaging material are exactly the same – there are no differences whether the package contains high-quality cardboard box or a corrugated one. 

Packaging materials are used to protect the products during transportation. Our packaging materials are also suitable for storage purposes because they can prevent products from breaking or cracking.

Printing Techniques To Make Your Packaging Brand-Specific

At Go CBD Packaging, we know that you are looking for ways to make your product stand out. That’s why we offer a number of different printing options to suit your needs.

Digital Printing

A print method that uses a computer and specialized inkjet printers. Delta 8 has invested in both 4-color and 6-color printers to produce high-quality prints in an efficient process. Digital printing works great with non-absorbent items such as delta boxes, tags and more. It is suitable for items that are 8.5″ x 11″.

Offset Printing 

A print process that uses etched metal plates to print on paper/cardboard and is the most popular form of commercial printing in North America. For decades, offset printing allows for large runs at a relatively low cost per unit. Although not the cheapest option available, it is one of the most trusted forms of product decoration and can be used to achieve vibrant full color designs on delta 8 thc boxes, bags or any other flat surface.

For Delta 8 Packaging, we offer a wide range of printing services to help our customers create innovative marketing pieces that stand out from the rest. We can print your designs on a variety of customizable materials. Our team will work hand-in-hand with you throughout the entire design process to make sure we create a product that meets your company’s needs and exceeds expectations. Our technology experts will also assist you in finding the most cost-efficient option available for your project – whether it is offset printing, digital printing or hot stamping/foil stamping.

In addition to these printing services, we will gladly print any of your existing designs onto a variety of substrates. This includes but is not limited to vinyl banners, adhesive delta 8 stickers, retail signage, paper products such as hangtags, stock boxes, etc. Our mission is to provide you with quality imaging solutions that will help you achieve your business goals. Whether it’s branding or direct response marketing, we have what you need for product promotion. Get in touch with us today!

Color Models To Customize Delta 8 Packaging Boxes

You can add color to your print designs with the help of color models that we offer. The color models are used in the delta 8 packaging industry to provide on-demand customization on product boxes. So, you can give your designs more visual value with the help of our color models.

Colors play an important role when it comes to attracting attention towards your business solutions or products/services you offer. It’s advisable to use complementary colors which share some common features with each other but do not exactly match; they make your print design more appealing.

Not only color models excite the viewer, but also provide a professional look for your printed vape boxes. Our color models are created by experienced professionals who know how to make an impact on potential customers through attractive packaging using the right colors.

We offer all popular Pantone and CMYK, so you can create and order your own unique box printing design with us. Feel free to use any of them or contact us to discuss further details about the options we have available for you. 

Create Eye-Catching And Reliable Packaging Boxes For Your Delta 8 Products

Go CBD Packaging is a full-service packaging partner that provides design, printing and fulfilment services for retail products. We offer custom solutions to help you stand out from the rest by utilizing color models or providing professional print options on your delta boxes. Our packaging materials are engineered to meet the highest industry and environmental standards, and we ensure all our products deliver exceptional performance. We will help you achieve your company goals by providing cost-effective, customized solutions that will suit your budget and business needs. Contact us today for more information or to get a quote on how we can help with your packaging needs!


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