Marijuana Vape Cartridge Packaging

Marijuana vape cartridges is a product whose presentation can make or break its market. If you run a business and cannot present it effectively to the customers, you lose your demand and potential buyers. Go CBD Packaging makes marijuana vape cartridge packaging that protects your products. It also presents them attractively.

You can have vape cartridge packaging customized with our many options in materials, printing techniques, color models, add-ons, and finishing coats. You can design the packaging of your choice. Let’s make your product look unique and attract customers. Give us a call to get started.



What Is Marijuana Vape Cartridge Packaging?

Marijuana vape is a trendy way of getting high these days. These products come in delicate containers. Thus, vape cartridges need packaging that holds them safely and presents them attractively. The market is populated with many items, and the packaging can help your product stand out. Go CBD Packaging creates marijuana vape cartridge packaging that improves the brand impression. Our customization options can help you design a unique image of your products and enhance customers’ experience.

Popular Materials for Marijuana Vape Packaging

We use robust boxes to protect your marijuana vape cartridges. Our packaging materials do not fail and help you promote your brand. Hence, the selection of packaging materials for vape cartridge boxes is important. Some materials that we use for making vape cartridge boxes are mentioned below:

  • Cardboard Material
  • Corrugated Material
  • Eco-Friendly Kraft Material
  • Rigid Material

Cardboard Material

It is very flexible and is used for creating customized marijuana packaging. It can be made in many sizes and shapes. Furthermore, it supports various add-ons and printing techniques. 

Corrugated Material

This material is the most durable and sturdy among our different options. It helps ship your vape cartridges internationally.

Eco-Friendly Kraft Material

The Kraft material is lightweight and also recyclable. It is easily customizable into different designs. Also, it is moisture-resistant and offers a lot of strength. It can project a positive image of the company. As it is an eco-friendly material, you can incorporate it into your marketing campaigns.

Rigid Material

The rigid material is the best choice for making high-end vape cartridges. They can be shipped internationally or over long distances. It provides high-quality prints and supports various add-ons. 

Order Custom Vape Cartridge Packaging for Your Business

Custom packaging for vape cartridges is a good way to make sure your products’ unique image and make them stand out among competitors. 

Go CBD Packaging gives you various customization options. Therefore, they help you represent the unique image of your business and products. You can avail the following features for your vape cartridge’s packaging.

  • Incredible Add-Ons 
  • Exceptional Finishing Coats

Incredible Add-Ons For Your Marijuana Vape Cartridge Packaging

Add-ons embellish your vape cartridge packaging. They can help them look different from the crowd. Some of our popular add-ons are listed below:

  • Embossing & Debossing 
  • Spot UV Treatment 
  • Foiling 
  • Window Patching

Embossing & Debossing

You can add depth and dimension to your vape cartridge boxes with this add-on. Embossing gives you raised textures on your vape cartridge boxes. But, debossing allows you to have logos dented onto the surface.

Spot UV Effect

This add-on cures specific areas on your vape cartridge packaging. It highlights a particular spot on the box and gives it a popping effect. Another name for spot UV is the raised-ink technique. 


Foiling involves pressing a foil sheet with a die to give the marijuana packaging a reflective effect. It is also known as hot stamping. Furthermore, you can choose different effects, i.e., metallic, holographic, colored metallic, etc., to give your vape cartridge boxes a different look.  

Window Patching

You can get a transparent film attached to your die-cut box, allowing the customers to see your vape cartridges without the need to open the box. This add-on generates a sense of trust for the product. 

Brilliant Finishing Coats for Your Vape Cartridge Boxes

Besides the add-ons, you can choose a finishing coat to give your vape cartridge boxes a neat look. You can choose from the options mentioned here:

  • Soft Touch Finish
  • Matte Finish
  • Varnish Finish
  • Glossy Finish

Color Models and Printing Techniques For Your Vape Cartridge Boxes

The printing technique you choose determines the look and print quality of your vape cartridge box. Following are our popular printing options:

  • Offset Printing
  • Digital Printing

Offset Printing

The offset printing technique needs time for initial setup. Thus, it does not offer a quick turnaround time. With offset, it isn’t easy to make alterations in the design. Furthermore, it is cost-effective for large orders but not for small-scale orders. Yet, the quality of the print is exceptional. 

Digital Printing

Digital printing technique is cost-effective for high as well as low volume orders. Furthermore, it has a quick turnaround time, and design alterations are convenient to make. This low turnaround time is because it does not need an extensive setup. But, the print quality obtained from the digital printing technique is good but less than the quality provided by offset printing. 


Go CBD Packaging offers the following effective color models for your vape cartridge boxes:

  • PMS Color Model
  • CMYK Color Model

PMS Color Model

PMS, Pantone Matching System, offers a range of more than 1100 colors. It offers color consistency and high accuracy over different devices and uses codes to denote different shades. 

CMYK Color Model

CMYK color model or the four-color technique includes Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black) colors. By combining these, you can make any color of your choice. Yet, it does not provide the required color precision over different devices with CMYK.

Go CBD Packaging helps you choose the best combination of color models and printing techniques for packaging marijuana. 

Get Your Marijuana Vape Cartridge Packaging Prototype

Go CBD Packaging offers prototypes to check your design’s structural integrity. You can do this before creating bulk order. We provide the following forms:


  • 2D Prototype
  • 3D Prototype
  • Physical Prototype

Summing It All Up

We create custom packaging for marijuana vape cartridges and customize it with our unique and appealing designs. They help your packaging create a buzz in the market. Our expert team will help you have an exclusive design that attracts customers and increases sales. Our custom marijuana packaging will protect your products against external damage. Furthermore, they will help you exhibit it appealingly. Call us, and let’s start!


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