Pre Roll Boxes

Is your brand suffering because of worn-out printing and inaccurate color models? Would you consider packaging that safeguards your product during shipping? Do you wish you had more customization options? Go CBD Packaging solves these problems and more.

Our pre-roll boxes use high-quality printing techniques, color models to ensure your artwork is vibrant.  Use our customizations to stand out. We offer packaging materials that cater to a host of requirements. Our prototyping options help you visualize your final design.

What are you waiting for? Contact now and create eye-catching custom pre-roll boxes.



What Are Pre Roll Boxes?

Pre-rolled products are a convenient alternative to an otherwise laborious task. Flakes of dried plants are placed inside a smoking paper and rolled. These are fragile products and need Pre roll boxes packaging that withstands the trials of transit on their behalf.

The growing competition in this industry requires brands to transform their packaging into attractive pieces of art. As efficient use of packaging enhances the brand and helps in customer retention.

Printing Techniques Used In Pre Roll Boxes

We offer printing techniques that ensure your packaging captures the market. Why settle for blank pre-roll boxes when we can transform them into walking billboards. We achieve this by offering you state-of-the-art printing techniques that are mentioned below.

  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing

Digital Printing

The digital printing technique is a prime candidate if you want a good quality print in the shortest possible time. Moreover, the ease of setup and design changes allow this technique to produce low-volume orders while saving capital.

Offset Printing

The offset printing technique should be considered if you require photo image quality printing. Making design changes is difficult because of the printing plate. And since this technique requires time and effort in setting up, it is considered cost-effective only if the volume of the order is high.

Color Models For You Pre Roll Boxes

Color models are a way to produce colors. We offer models that help represent your brand artwork and text accurately and vibrantly. Our options of color models are mentioned below. 

  • PMS Color Model
  • CMYK Color Model

PMS Color Model

The Pantone Matching System produces unique shades that are distinguished from each other by using unique identification numbers. Therefore, these numbers allow your brand colors to be represented accurately over many different printing jobs. Furthermore, PMS has over 1800 colors, and more are added each year.

CMYK Color Model

The four-color model, cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, are used to create an intense shade. But there are no unique identification numbers like PMS, and color reproduction is purely reliant on the printer’s skill. Hence, reproducing the exact shade can become a problem.

At Go CBD Packaging, we offer pre-roll boxes for wholesale and retail that are made to entrance your customers. So, click here to find out how our printing techniques and color models help make this possible.

Customization To Make Unique Pre Roll Boxes

Suppose you’d like to create exclusive designs for the entirety of your pre-roll product catalog. In that case, we suggest diving into our customization options. They ensure to turn your blank pre-roll boxes into splendid sculptors that captivate your customers.

Our custom pre-roll boxes contain customizations of two categories; please have a look below.

  • Fascinating finishing coats
  • Outstanding add-ons

Glamorous Finishing Coats For Pre Roll Boxes

Finishing coats cover the entirety of the box and add a layer of panache to your packaging. Following are our options of finishing coats:

Glossy Finish

This coating increases the light reflection coming off the package. Furthermore, it increases the brightness of the colors. As a result, we create a shiny and glistening box.

Matte Finish

The matte finishing coats can be considered the opposite of glossy coating. Thus, matte coats lower the brightness of the colors and reduce the effect that light has on the package, hence, reducing reflections.

Varnish Finish

When you require the characteristics of matte (subdued color) and glossy (increased shine) finish without going to one extreme or the other, we recommend varnish finish.

Soft-Touch Finish

As the name suggests, this coating is soft to the touch. It envelopes the outer surface of the box, making it exude a gentle hand feel.

Outstanding Add-Ons Used in Pre Roll Boxes

Add-ons are a customization option that covers a localized space on the packaging. As the name suggests, these are additions are for incorporating a personal style to your packaging.

Hot Stamping/Foiling

This technique involves adding a thin metallic foil to your package by using heat and pressure. We can further modify it to exhibit a matte, glossy, or holographic effect.

Window patching

This technique uses a thin transparent sheet of plastic to cover part of the packaging that has been previously cut.


We use two dies to stamp your artwork or text. This technique uses the compression of the two dies to raise (emboss) or indent (deboss) your design onto the package.

Spot UV

In this technique, we apply ultraviolet light for curing a specific part of the package. Curing seals in the colors on the box, to produce a raised, and smooth surface.

Contact our team of experts to figure out which customizations best represent your brand. They will help you design custom pre-roll boxes that make your product stand out. 

Packaging Materials Ensuring Safe Pre Roll Boxes

We offer high-class packaging materials that work exceptionally well at safeguarding your fragile pre-roll products. Our packaging materials have various options that we can use in many applications ranging from durable shipping boxes to eco-friendly retail packaging.

We have listed our most popular packaging material choices below.

  • Corrugated Material
  • Cardstock Material 
  • Kraft Material
  • Rigid Material

Would you like more information as to which packaging materials serve what purpose? Feel free to connect with or professionals.

Prototyping Options To Portray Pre Roll Boxes

Our prototyping options help you materialize your design and suggest changes to it before committing to a bulk order. We offer options that allow you to view different aspects of your design and tinker until they satisfy you. Please have a look below to learn about our prototyping options.

  • 2D Flat- View
  • 3D Video 
  • Physical Sample

Let’s Construct Astonishing Custom Pre Roll Boxes

At Go CBD Packaging, we create pre-roll boxes for wholesale and retail. They incorporate our printing techniques, color models, and customizations, which help you create unique designs. Once you have created a customer-endearing box design, choose from one of our durable packaging materials that keep your product safe. Our prototyping options help you create multiple designs to fit your entire catalog.


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