Pre-roll Joint Boxes

Are your pre-roll joints tasting stale when they reach their destination? Is your marketing strategy not being translated to your packaging? Are you willing to enhance your brand? If yes, then let Go CBD Packaging help you achieve your goals.

Our custom pre-roll joint boxes are made from top-class packaging materials and offer attractive customization options. We provide printing techniques and color models that are bound to make your brand pop out. What are you waiting for? Use our prototyping options and start designing pre-roll joint boxes for wholesale and retail that promise to offer returns. 



What Are Pre-Rolled Joint Boxes?

Cigarettes that are loaded with cannabis products and rolled beforehand are called pre-rolled joints. They are delicate products that are useful when your customers want to get high at a moment’s notice. Go CBD Packaging produces printed pre-roll joint boxes for wholesale and retail purposes that are sure to provide sturdy packaging while enticing your customers.

Robust Packaging Materials For Pre-Rolled Joint Boxes

We use superb packaging materials to manufacture our boxes. The variety of different materials allows you to create a package that is best suited to your needs. We have listed some of our packaging materials.

  • Corrugated
  • Rigid
  • Kraft
  • Cardstock

Corrugated Material

Corrugated materials are durable and easy to handle. They are a good option for making pre-roll joint boxes for wholesale purposes as they can be shipped long distances without worry.

Rigid Material

Rigid materials are tough and highly resistant to bending under load. They can be stacked on each other, which is a valuable trait when considering long-distance shipping. Furthermore, they make your printing jobs look attractive and hence, are used for making gift boxes.

Kraft Material

Kraft materials are made from wood chips. They are lightweight and can be easily shaped. Kraft materials should be on top of your packaging material list if you want an environmentally friendly option.

Cardstock Material

Cardstock materials are also lightweight. They are denser than ordinary paper and offer a smooth surface on which printed artwork looks enticing. Cardstock materials are a prime candidate of material if you want to make retail boxes.

Would you like more information about our packaging materials? Feel free to connect with our experts.

Customizations That Make Your Pre-Rolled Joint Boxes Stand Out

Go CBD Packaging prides itself on offering customization options that can help you create a genuinely unique box. With these options, you are sure to turn some heads with your custom pre-roll joint boxes. Our customizations can be classified as below.

  • Great Add-ons
  • Fabulous Finishing coats

Great Add-Ons For Pre-Rolled Joint Boxes

Add-ons help decorate your custom box by changing the texture and giving your customers a distinctive point of focus.

Window Patching

Part of the box is cut away and replaced with a thin transparent sheet of plastic. This add-on allows your customers to view the product before purchasing or opening the package.


Would you like to raise or indent the texture of your custom pre-roll joint boxes in the shape of your brand logo or slogan? If yes, opt for this add-on

Spot UV

This technique uses ultra-violet light to ‘cure’ a part of the package. Curing makes the colors seal in and give off a crisp and clean look.

Hot Stamping/Foiling

This add-on is great for highlighting your design’s edges; you can also make any lettering pop out. This effect involves applying heat and pressure to attach a thin film of a metallic foil. Furthermore, we treat this metallic film can to exhibit a matte, glossy, or holographic effect.

Fabulous Finishing Coats For Pre-Rolled Joint Boxes

Finishing coats are much like add-ons, with the key difference being in the coverage area. Moreover, finishing coats provide a visual change rather than a textural one.


The matte finish is for making your package look elegant and classy


Use the glossy finish to make your printed pre-roll joint boxes shine in the light of retail shelves.


The varnish finish can be considered a glamorous matte finish.


Use this finishing coat to introduce a gentle tactile feel to your entire packaging box.

Connect with our designing team to learn more about our customization options.

Supreme Printing Techniques Used For Pre-Rolled Joint Boxes

Why not make the packaging more efficient by producing printed pre-roll joint boxes to attract more customers? Go CBD Packaging uses the latest technology to produce stellar print quality that lasts a long time. Our choices of printing techniques are.

  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing

Digital Printing

Digital printing offers a good quality print while remaining cost-effective for small volume orders. It requires little time and money for setting up and thus, has good turnaround times. Furthermore, you can easily alter the design at any time.

Offset Printing

We use offset printing when our clients demand the best print quality. This technique is cost-effective only if you have a large volume order due to a slow turnaround time. Moreover, we have to replicate the designs on a printing plate, which means incorporating changes is a tedious task.

Striking Color Models For Pre-Rolled Joint Boxes

Go CBD Packaging uses standard color models with varying properties to cater to your needs efficiently. Our color models help us ensure we can enhance your brand by accurately and vividly representing it. We have listed our color model options below.

  • CMYK Color Model
  • PMS Color Model

CMYK Color Model

This color model uses cyan, magenta, yellow and black against a pure white background to create your required shade. Since four colors are used, this model is cost-effective for designs that incorporate several colors. However, reproducing the same color is often a difficult task.

PMS Color Model

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) takes the guesswork out of creating a specific color by assigning a unique identification number to each one of its 1800 shades. The number of shades available is growing every year. This technique is proper when the design does not require a vast number of different hues.

You are more than welcome to connect with our professionals if you have any questions about our printing techniques or color models.

Excellent Prototyping Varieties For Pre-Rolled Joint Boxes 

We focus on giving our clients ease of mind when designing their custom pre-rolled joint boxes. Our prototyping options help them visualize their design and suggest changes before ordering in bulk. We have listed these options below

  • 2D Sample
  • 3D Sample
  • Physical Sample

Let Get Creative With Designing Our Custom Pre-Roll Joint Boxes

At Go CBD Packaging, we offer packaging materials to keep your fragile products safe and fresh. Our customization options help you create a unique design for each of your products in the catalog. We use state-of-the-art printing techniques and color models to help you capture your customers’ attention. Our prototyping options give you the freedom to alter your design before committing to a bulk order.


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