Vape Mod Packaging Boxes

Would you like to protect your fragile vape mods with better packaging? Do you want to enhance your brand and let your vape mods packaging boxes market it? Go CBD Packaging has the answer for you with our custom vape mods packaging boxes.

We use top-quality packaging materials to construct our mods packaging boxes. Our prototyping techniques allow our clients the freedom to experiment with our customizations, printing techniques, and color models. Please don’t wait any longer; let your brand experience a whole new level of custom packaging; contact us now.



What Are Vape Mod Packaging Boxes?

Vape mods have become a prevalent choice among smokers who want to quit smoking and also recreational users. A broad customer base compels manufacturers to cater to their ever-expanding needs. At Go CBD Packaging, we create vape mod packaging boxes at wholesale prices.

Apart from being cost-effective, our printed vape mods packaging boxes offer unmatched product security and a captivating appearance.  

Packaging Materials For Safe Vape Mod Packaging Boxes

We offer superior packaging material that caters to a host of requirements. Using our materials, you not only secure your product but also get a fantastic substrate for further customizations. We have listed our popular options below.

Corrugated Material

This material is a prime candidate if you are worried about shipping. Its ease of handling and durability makes it a prime candidate for housing smaller boxes. The strength of corrugated materials is owed to the fluted structure that is present between the sheets.

Rigid Material

Rigid materials are easily the most attractive material due to their subtle tactile feel and their ability to enhance any product placed inside. The resistance to bending is a testament to its strength. This thick material is a fantastic candidate for making gift boxes.

Kraft Material

Kraft material is the answer for brands wondering if there exists a packaging that helps them become environmentally responsible. This material comprises 100 % recyclable wood chips. This material is lightweight and shaping it is quite easy.

Cardstock Material

Cardstock materials are just a little thicker than the standard paper. They are incredibly lightweight and offer great workability. Furthermore, they can make special retail boxes because of their ability to make any printed artwork pop out.

Contact our experts to learn which material will best help your brand. 

Prototyping Options For Vape Mod Packaging Boxes

Our prototyping techniques cannot be overstated. They offer you a visualization of your design. Thus, we encourage you to use many different customizations to see which design best appeals to your needs. We have listed our prototyping options below.

2D Prototyping

We print your brand artwork and text on a piece of flat die-card. We mark the scoring line so you may know how your design will look on the finished box.

3D Prototyping

We prepare a video in which we show your box being folded along the scoring lines. This option is cost-effective to study the edges and angles of your finished product.

Physical Prototyping

We prepare a sample with your listed specifications. Our team incorporates the required customizations, and this package represents a unit of the bulk order. You can place your product inside and judge the print quality and the additions carefully.

Contact us here, learn how we add changes to the final design before you order in bulk.

Printing Techniques Used In Vape Mod Packaging Boxes

Our printing techniques are meant to represent your brand accurately. We use modern technologies to ensure that your artwork looks pristine on your printed vape mod packaging boxes. Some of our popular techniques are shown below.

Offset Printing

Would you like the highest quality of print and are not concerned about turnaround time? Are you considering a bulk order with a large volume? Is your design final? If yes, then opt for the offset printing method.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a fast, cost-effective solution for clients who want good value for money. Even though the print quality is not up to par with the ‘offset method,’ it is still good enough to attract your customers. Furthermore, incorporating alteration is an easy process, and small volume orders are effectively processed.

Vivid Color Models For Vape Mod Packaging Boxes 

We understand the importance of having a consistent and accurate brand representation over different mediums. Our vibrant color models ensure you can create your desired shades with powerful emotional effects entrancing your customers. We have mentioned two color models below.

PMS Color Model

Also known as the Pantone Matching System, this model uses specific identification numbers to classify colors. This distinction makes the printer’s job very easy as they can easily recognize a color based on its number. PMS is considered cost-effective for jobs that require a low number of colors.

CMYK Color Model

This model uses a combination of four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) against a pure white background to produce your required shade. As there are no standard formulas for the variety of shades, printers are challenged to reproduce the same shade. However, the color produced by this model is intensely alluring.

Are you wondering about the compatibility between color models and printing techniques, reach our professional who will ease your concerns.

Exciting Customization For Vape Mod Packaging Boxes

We offer customization options that excite and captivate your customers. Check them out below:

Trendy Add-Ons For Vape Mod Packaging Boxes

These are additions to a specific part of the package. We have listed them below.

  • Spot UV
  • Window Patching
  • Emboss/Deboss
  • Hot Stamping/ Foiling

Fashionable Finishing Coats For Vape Mod Packaging Boxes

Similar to add ons as they add another layer of flair and panache to your package. The difference arises when it comes to coverage, as finishing coats can cover the entire box. We offer:

  • Matte
  • Glossy
  • Varnish
  • Soft-Touch

Join Us, And Let Us Design Eye-Catching Vape Mod Packaging Boxes

At Go CBD Packaging, we manufacture custom vape mod packaging boxes for wholesale and retail. Our packaging materials ensure your product remains secure. With our prototyping techniques, you can create multiple designs and incorporate a unique style using printing techniques, color models, and customization options.


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