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Are you worried about the safety of your vape pens as they are going through shipping and retail? Would you like your brand to be marketed through your vape pen packaging? If yes, then Go CBD Packaging has the answer to your problems.

Our custom vape pen packaging is made from high-quality packaging materials. We give you attractive customization options coupled with superb printing techniques and color models to create something that elevates your brand to the next level. Our prototyping techniques help you create a multitude of designs. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now.



What Is Vape Pen Packaging?

Vape pens are modern-day cigarettes and demand the same style and care into their packaging that cigarettes did. Customers now demand better Vape pen packaging to house their pens.

We offer various packing options at Go CBD Packaging, ranging from vape weed pen packaging to disposable vape pen packaging. That’s not all; a host of sizes, shapes and customization options help you make genuinely unique boxes. 

Packaging Materials To Create Secure Vape Pen Packaging

We offer top-of-the-line packaging materials that use their varying properties to cover a wide range of applications. We have listed some of our top options below.

Corrugated Material

A durable option, these materials are easy to ship and easy to handle and provide excellent housing for smaller retail packaging.

Cardstock Material

The lightweight and attractive-looking nature of cardstock materials make them the prime candidate for retail packaging.

Kraft Material

These materials make excellent disposable vape pen packaging because of their recyclability.

Rigid Material

Rigid materials are thick, tough, and provide a premium feel. They are brilliant for making vape pen gift boxes.

We have only touched on the usefulness of our packaging materials. To get a deeper understanding, contact one of our professionals here.

Customizations Used In Vape Pen Packaging

We offer various customization options so you can tailor your packaging to each one of your products. Furthermore, you can use these customization options to enhance your brand image by letting the same customizations carry over all of your CBD-related products.

Add-Ons To Create Unique Vape Pen Packaging

Our add-ons offer a significant texture change on a localized part of the package, i.e., it does not cover the entire packaging. We have listed some options below.

Hot Stamping/ Foiling

We use heat and pressure to fix a thin film foil on the package. We can modify this film further and make it display matte, glossy, or holographic effects.

Window Patching

A part of the package is removed using a die-cut. This ‘window’ into the box is ‘patched’ by a thin transparent sheet of plastic.

Spot UV

We use ultra-violet light to fasten the printed colors onto the packaging. Furthermore, this technique creates a very thin layer that protects the print from environmental damage. 

Emboss/ Deboss

Your brand logo and slogan are stamped onto the packaging. We can shift the dies around to either raise or dent the front of the box.

Finishing Coats To Personalize Vape Pen Packaging

Finishing coats are similar to add-ons in the sense that they provide another layer of customization. However, we can cover the entire box using finishing coats. Our most common options are listed below.

  • Matte
  • Glossy
  • Varnish
  • Soft-Touch

Would you like a deeper explanation of our customizations? Are you wondering if you can use more than one? Get in touch with our experts, who will guide you accordingly.

Printing Techniques Used In Vape Pen Packaging

A high-quality printing technique ensures that your artwork or informative labels don’t get worn out during the trials of transit. Our printing techniques provide your customers with satisfaction. Some of our printing techniques include the following:

Digital Printing

If you are looking for a fast print job with good quality and low initial cost, look no further than our digital printing. This technique is surprisingly simple and making alterations to the design is a breeze. Want a quick turnaround time on low-volume jobs? Choose digital printing.

Offset Printing

A powerhouse of a printing technique, offset printing is ideal for high volume orders that want nothing but the best quality. The initial cost is high. Your design must be final before you opt for the relatively time-consuming offset printing technique.

Color Models To Represent Your Brand On Vape Pen Packaging

We use color models that are bound to entice your customers. Our color models help represent your brand accurately, and they help persuade your customers to make a purchase. 

CMYK Color Model

This color model produces a shade that is intense and stirs up the viewers’ emotions. However, accurate color reproduction is difficult due to controlling of four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black).

PMS Color Model 

However, the Pantone Matching System overcomes reproducing color accurately by assigning an identification number to each shade. It offers color consistency over different printers as well.

Does the functionality of our printing techniques make you curious? Are you wondering about the compatibility of color models with printing techniques? Let our professionals satisfy your queries.

Prototyping Options For Vape Pen Packaging

We encourage our clients to have fun with our customization, material, and printing options and create several designs from which to pick and choose. Our prototyping options – explained below – help you visualize each design without the commitment of ordering in bulk:

2D –  The cost-effective option to see your printed artwork and text on a flat piece of card paper.

3D – Wondering how that card paper will look as it is being folded, we prepare a video covering that aspect.

Physical Sampling – Can’t wait to hold your finalized design in your hands? Let us help you by offering you a single unit of your designed custom package.

Let’s Create Exceptional Vape Pen Packaging

At Go CBD Packaging, we offer your vape pen cartridges the creative packaging it deserves. Our packaging materials, customization options, and printing techniques help create an exclusive box for you. Superb color models truly represent and help enhance your brand; use or prototyping options to cover your entire catalog of products.


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